Kids (ages 0-13)

Children’s Programmes start approx. 10:30am.

There will be a notice from the front when they can leave.

For more information contact our Children’s Pastor -



Creche is supervised for children aged five years and under. We have a spacious room with a wide variety of play equipment. The room opens onto an outside play area and sandpit. The Creche also provides a video link to the auditorium so parents can still be a part of the service.

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Middle Church

Children aged 6-12 years old meet in the church lounge. We have an awesome team of leaders who work together to bring the children to a greater understanding of who God is and how He can work in their lives. The programme is catered for all ages. The children are encouraged to experience God in all sorts of ways. The sessions are lively with truths from the Bible being taught in creative ways.



1UPS caters for intermediates and teenagers.

This is an amazing group of young people who enjoy each other’s company and are exposed to strong Bible-centred learning and real life practical teaching.

We follow up the Bible teaching and learning with the 1UPS Chase Challenge, where our young people get the opportunity to recall their knowledge and learning, to win prizes.