Our Leaders


Senior Pastor David Jensen

David is our much-loved and valued Senior Pastor. Together with his wife Jeannette, David has served as Pastor at Richmond Baptist for three years and has 20 years of experience. David’s positive, faithful and hardworking manner is felt throughout the entire church. We are so blessed to have him leading our staff and church family.

In his spare time, David enjoys walking, reading a good book or hitting the gym. Together David and Jeannette have two teenage boys.

Office Hours - Tuesday - Friday | 9am - 3pm

Contact - david.jensen@richmondbaptist.org.nz


Pastor Alan Rolfe

Alan is our Pastoral Care Pastor. He is one humorous, caring and compassionate pastor who oversees pastoral care, support, visitation etc. Alan has over 12 years of experience in pastoral care at RBC.

In his spare time, Alan enjoys cycling, socialising and spending time with his family. Alan and his wife Jan have three adult children.

Office Hours - Monday - Wednesday | 9am - 5pm

Contact - alan.rolfe@richmondbaptist.org.nz


Pastor Wendy Milson

Wendy is our vibrant Children’s Pastor. She is organized to a T, enthusiastic and passionate about her ministries. Wendy has been overseeing our children’s work for nearly eight years.

In her spare time, Wendy loves to read, tidy her garden and spend plenty of time with husband Owen and their four adult daughters.

Office Hours - Monday & Thursday | 9am - 5pm

Contact - wendy.milson@richmondbaptist.org.nz

Greg & Deborah Waddington

Youth Leaders

Greg and Deborah look after our youth and our Encounter Youth Group.

They have a passion for the youth, and know that God has put them in this position for a reason.

When they get a spare moment, Greg and Deborah love to head out for dinner together or spend precious time with their children.

Pastoral Care Team


Robbie & Dianne Tucker

Robbie and Dianne love being a part of the Pastoral Care Team. In particular they enjoy the opportunity to properly get to know people and to pray for them in any situation.

In their spare time, Robbie and Dianne love a good date at the movies then to a lovely restaurant for dinner, and when they get a moment - take off and travel.

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Mark & Caren McBride

Together Mark and Caren are part of our pastoral care team.

They love to lend support, catch up over a coffee and generally get to know their church family.

In their spare time, Mark and Caren love to hang out with Jesus together, travel, and spend as much time as they can with their beautiful family and grandkids.